Rudyard Kipling Elementary School

Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.

108 Homework 2/4-2/8/2019

HOMEWORK WEEK OF 2/4-2/8/2019

  ROOM 108  4th Grade Math and Science

Parents this is the beginning of the second semester! Report cards go home on Friday and we have four months before testing. Many students have decided to put less effort into their work and that reflects in their grades.  Please review the following pieces of information with your child going forward as we prepare them for FIFTH GRADE!

v  At this point, your child should be fluent with their multiplication and division facts. If this is not the case, it is their responsibility to study daily. Students unable to recall basic multiplication and division facts WILL struggle with our division and fraction work going forward.

v  Late homework will only receive half credit. If your child is missing a homework assignment, they will receive a zero.

v  Dreambox requires at least 5 lessons completed a week. Students will receive a Dreambox grade EVERY week out of 5 points.

v  There will be at least one IXL assignment in class each week, this will be a graded assignment by the end of the week. If a student doesn’t finish this assignment during class, after school, or during technology their grade will reflect that incompletion.

v  Until further notice, homework will not be focused on one skill, but will be reviewing several skills each night to help students review what they have learned so far. If a student doesn’t understand a question or vocabulary they should try and research it to see if they can solve the problem. They can also get help from you. Students should attempt every problem!

v  As it was during the first semester, students will only receive two written math assignments each week. The other nights of the week have been left for technology work. If your child does not have access to a computer or internet at home, Walker Branch Library at 95th and Halsted allows students to use computers after school with a valid library card, they also offer help for homework.  In addition I allow students to use my computers during recess and when they finish assignments in class. Students that focus on getting their work done and taking responsibility for their learning have ample computer time during the school day to get their minutes in.

v  Students are given a monthly technology path sheet made specifically for them to develop their strengths and support their weaknesses. They have a copy in class as well as a personal copy they are supposed to keep in their homework folder. These assignments should be completed by the end of the month. If your child has completed these assignments, then it is their responsibility to share that with me, so I can redirect their instruction.  In IXL if a student has the assignment 3.P.7 then that means third grade, subject matter P, skill number 7. You may find your child working below grade level in some skills, on grade level in others, and above in others this is based on how they are performing on these skills in class as well as their Winter NWEA test they took in December.

v  Our all school technology challenge is in play, students are striving for 540 minutes a week. This includes weekends, nights, and school time.

v  Your child receives a copy of the homework sheet and all their work the first day of each week and I post it on the school website at, please do not allow your child to tell you they have no homework. There is always work to be done.

MONDAY- Leveled Worksheet Covering all skills taught so far.     TUESDAY- Technology   WEDNESDAY- Leveled Worksheet Covering all skills taught so far    THURSDAY- TECHNOLOGY     FRIDAY-TECHNOLOGY   


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