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Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Third Grade Homework 2.2-2.6.2015

HOMEWORK             ROOM 106         Third Grade        MRS. KELLEY            Week of 2/2-2/6/2015


MONDAY- Read p. 406 and complete p. 407 1-10

TUESDAY-  See Technology Requirements **

WEDNESDAY-  p. 406 11-20

THURSDAY- See Technology Requirements **

FRIDAY      p. 406 21-33

TECHNOLOGY    ** All tech. components should be completed by Saturday, February 7th  at 5:00p.m. 

IXL   Complete 50 minutes this week. Please note that all S, T, U, and V skills should be complete in Third Grade by the end of February.

Compass Complete 35  Measurement and Data

Science- Our class discussion will continue this week around how science, technology, and engineering intersect. We will be using Chapter 17 in our textbook as well as several articles to help understand the affect these things have on our everyday lives and how they have changed over the years. You will have a vocabulary quiz on the words below on Wednesday, February 4th and a test over chapter 19 on Friday, February 6th. Studying early and often will help.

DUE WEDNESDAY- Make a flashcard for each vocabulary word.


tool                  technology                              invention                                computer