Rudyard Kipling Elementary School

Moving Forward

Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Room 108 Parent Welcome Letter

Dear Parents,                                                                                            

             We would like to welcome you and your child to my classroom. Our team is very excited that we will have the opportunity to educate your child this year. We hope that we can work together to help your child grow as a student and as a person. Our work and our structure will be difficult, but we take our part in your child’s education very seriously. We believe that challenging the learner will allow them to become a better person academically as well as in all aspects of life.  The following are a few things that we believe will help you understand our classrooms and our expectations for your child.

   Attendance is Key—Your child benefits from being at school every day. If they have to be absent due to sickness or family emergency, please write a note so that we know that the absence should be excused and we can allow them to make up work that has been missed. Make up work will not be given to students that do not bring a note.

HomeworkHomework is assigned Monday thru Friday all year long. Your child will bring home a planner that they will write their assignments in that will cover all they need to do for the entire week. It is expected that even after an absence, a student will make up all homework that has been missed. Books specifically for homework will be sent home and left there until the end of the year. This makes the weight students must carry each day much less. Homework will be count as 15% of each subject grade.  If your child continually misses homework, it will affect their overall grade.

  Parent Correspondence— It is crucial that we work together!  Each week we will send home correspondence that contains important information about your child including; graded papers, conduct grade, number of missing homework assignments, and number of book reviews. This information is key to our communication and we hope that you will ask your child for it each week. 

   GradingThe Kipling grading scale is consistent throughout the entire school. We will adhere to this scale. Again, inconsistent homework can cause a drop in the grade average.  You can access your child’s grades at any time using Parent Portal.  If you do not have or remember your password, you will need to contact the office.

 DisciplineWe make it a point to be very structured in our classrooms. We believe students need structure to learn. That doesn’t mean that your child will not have opportunities to have fun.  You can have fun and still have structure. We will treat your child and their belongings with respect and kindness. We expect that they will do the same with us and the other students in the class.

 UniformBLACK SHOES, BLUE PANTS, WHITE POLO SHIRT! If your child is not wearing any or all of these items, they are not following the uniform discipline code.

  Contacting Us—You can reach us at school by sending a note with your child or by email.  Email is the best line of communication.  Megan Kelley 108, Tamara Kumiega, Ellen Houze , and Rebecca Gilbert .

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,                                   

                        The 3rd and 4th Grade Team