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Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Fourth Grade Homework 11/17-11/21/2014

HOMEWORK             ROOM 108         Fourth Grade      MRS. KELLEY            Week of 11/17-11/21/2014


MONDAY- Read pp. 92 and 93 Write the divisibility rules for 2,5,10,2,3,and 6.

TUESDAY-   See Technology Requirements **

WEDNESDAY- p. 93   1-8

THURSDAY- See Technology Requirements **

FRIDAY-  p. 94   9-26

TECHNOLOGY    ** All tech. components should be completed by Saturday, November22nd at 5:00p.m. 

IXL    Fourth Grade/Fifth Grade  45 minutes  ( Try to focus on word problem sections.)

COMPASS          Work in Math/SCIENCE for  60 Minutes


In Science we will be reading Chapter 15 over the next two weeks and will be discussing force and motion. You will be quizzed on the vocabulary below this Friday, November 21st and tested on the vocabulary and chapter on Tuesday, November 25th.  SO STUDY THESE WORDS DAILY!

Vocabulary    relative motion            frame of reference                   speed               velocity                       force                friction                        gravity

                        work                            kinetic energy                          potential energy


{C}DUE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21st- Complete Compass Science folder “FORCE TO AN OBJECT”.  There are three activities inside this folder that must be completed.

Directions on how to get there:

1. Sign into Compass (          2. Click Science                      3. Click Changes in Matter and Energy

4. Click Force to an Object                 5. Complete the three assignments.