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Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Third Grade Homework 10/14-10/17/2014

HOMEWORK             ROOM 106         Third Grade        MRS. KELLEY            Week of 10/14-10/17/2014


TUESDAY-  p. 156   23-42

WEDNESDAY- p.  156 43-62

THURSDAY- See Technology Requirements **

FRIDAY- p.  156-157   73-83

TECHNOLOGY    ** All tech. components should be completed by Saturday, October 18th at 5:00p.m. 

IXL   Complete 30 minutes this week.

Compass Complete 30 math minutes this week.

SCIENCE- This week, we will be reading chapter 5 in our Science books and completing a lab. You should know what the words below mean (study them a little each night) you will have a vocabulary quiz on Friday.


water vapor  - water in the form of an invisible gas in the air.

groundwater -water that has slowly made its way through soil and then collects in spaces between underground rock; it is brought to the surface by digging wells.

wetland – low land ecosystem that is covered by water at least part of the time during the year; marshes and swamps are wetlands.

evaporation- the changing of a liquid into a gas.

condensation- the changing of a gas into a liquid.

water cycle -the movement of water from Earth’s surface into the air and back again.

precipitation -  water that falls to Earth as rain, hail, sleet, or snow.


Draw your own model of the water cycle. You can look online, in your science book, or somewhere else to help you, but you must draw and label the diagram yourself.  (I attached some examples on the back.)