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Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Phonics Project Due on Monday, December 5

Phonics Project: Making Blends

When two or more letters appear together and you hear each sound that each consonant would normally make, the combination is called a blend. For instance, the word blend has two consonant blends: bl, for which you hear the sounds for both b and l, and nd, for which you hear the sounds for both n and d.


Due Date: This time you have two weeks to complete it.  The project is due on Monday, December 14th. 


Purpose:  Your child is being asked to represent blends using words and pictures.  This will help your child become phonemically aware of blends and their sounds.


Task 1: Represent blends in a form of a booklet, on poster board or any creative way that is bold, colorful, and accurate. 

You are going to find pictures and words that begin with blends. You may write the words or use letters cut from a magazine or Google Images.   You may draw the pictures (must be clear and represent the word) or cut pictures out of a magazine or use Google Images.  There is a minimum of 6 pictures for each blend. The blend can be located anywhere in the word.

Task 2: On a separate sheet of paper, students write sentences using the blends.


Choices:  Choose 4 blends.  Please choose blends that may be challenging to your child.  You may choose from this list or you may come up with your own. 


pl          St      sm    pr    tr    Str    cr    cl    thr    Br    bl    dr

 An example has been given in the packet.  You may not choose the same blends represented: ch, th, sh, or wh.





Title:  Create a title for your board.  If you are choosing a booklet, create a title page.


Name under your title or on your title page.


4 blends chosen written in big, neat,  colorful letters.

(Extra points if letters are cut out of a magazine.)


6 pictures for each blend.

(Extra points if you can find more than 6)


Colorful, bright and bold


Sentences using blends. 6 sentences for each blend. (Points will be taken off for incomplete sentences, mistakes on capitalization and punctuation.)




Grades: Literacy, Writing, Research, Speaking, Listening