Rudyard Kipling Elementary School

Moving Forward

Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Homework on the Week of 10/16

This Week’s Homework

Attach all written homework to this menu.  Use wide ruled notebook paper.  You may save paper by completing more than one assignment on a sheet.  Simply label the assignment using the numbers above each task.  ALL work is to be completed. Homework is due on Monday.


Complete all attached assignments.




Count by 1’s from 1-120 for someone at home.

You do not have to write these. Just initial.


______ Parent Initials


Read a nonfiction book.  Ask your child to tell you the key details in the book.  Those are the important details that lead to what the author is trying to teach. Write down at least 3 key details from the book.


Spelling Words

Please look at the attached sheet for your student’s spelling words.

Write sentences using these words.

Practice these words every night.

Test Friday

_____Parent Signature


Reading A-Z

1 book per night

1.     Read the book.

2.    Complete the quiz.

3.    Listen to the book.

Passwords are attached.


Complete this month’s reading log.  Green sheet given to you last week. Read every night for 30 minutes. Please read to your child, if needed.


Write to tell me about three things you like do.


Make a list of words that rhyme with ten. Make another list of words that rhyme with spent.



Spend 30 minutes on

U: first name

P: room105


Sight Words

Write sentences using all of your sight words. Practice your sight words nightly! 


Sight Words

Practice all of your sight words nightly! Make a word wall at home!

______ Parent Initials


Sight Words AND

Spelling Test is on Friday.


This week’s sight words: because, turn, here, why, ask, went, men, read, need, land.