Rudyard Kipling Elementary School

Moving Forward

Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Welcome and Homework

Greetings, Parents/Guardians and Students!

Welcome to the 4th Grade Reading, Writing, and Social Studies!!! My team and I are very excited to work and grow with you this year!!! With a strong partnership between students, parents/guardians, teachers and the school community, students will make great progress in their growth and learning.  Students will be very successful!!!! 

Developing a reading life and a love of reading is imperative in preparing students for college, career, and life.  Reading literature and nonfiction texts increases reading comprehension, vocabulary, and overall knowledge of the world and ourselves.  Therefore, students are expected to read for 20 minutes every night.  This homework may change throughout the year.  But for the first week, students are expected to complete this assignment every night.  Each day is worth 5 points and points will be counted at the end of the week for a homework grade.

Homework and Items Due:

Due Wednesday, September 7, 2016:

Parents Read:

Ms. Lehman's letter to Parents/Guardians

Parents Sign/Complete:

  • Technology Contract

  • Media Consent Form and Release

  • Request for Emergency and Health Information

  • Student Code of Conduct

  • Set up Remind account at for:

    • Ms. Lehman

    • Ms. Black

tudents Complete:

  • Math: All About Me.
  • Reading: Read 20 minutes, write a summary, have parents sign form.
  • Writing: Write a letter to Ms. Lehman (see teacher example provided).

Due Friday, September 9, 2016:

Parents Sign/Complete:

  • Student Health Forms Booklet