Rudyard Kipling Elementary School

Moving Forward

Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

11/20/17- 11/21/17


7th grade Math- Complete the multi step equation handout and IXL S.8 (90 % or higher)                             Science- annotate and answer text questions pages 50-53

8th grade Math- Complete multi step handout and IXL W.8 and W.9 (90 % or higher)


Reminder: All students must have their TI-30 calculators by Monday, November 27th!!

7th grade math- Complete the "Solving equations" handout. Must show all work and check!!!

8th grade- No homework  

7th and 8th grade- You can receive extra credit if you complete IXL S.7 (7th) with a minimum score of 90% and you can also earn extra credit for using Stride academy during the break.