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Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Science Explorations Week May 30, 2017

5-31-17    6th Grade Room 118 and 123 / MS-ESS3-3.Apply scientific principles to design a method for monitoring and minimizing a human impact on the environment.

Title: YTV- Types of Energy & the Law of Conservation of Energy

Directions - View the video as you take bullet ed notes on your notebook paper with the questions from class Room 118 remember to write the title. Homework - Review the link above, discuss with your family, place notes in your science notebook (SN) Room 123 and be prepared to answer questions.


“Something That the Lord Made” - The Life of Vivien Thomas

Take out your questions from Friday titled, “STLM- Science History”. You will continue to view the film as you answer the questions on the handout. Please remember that your 3 paragraph summary is due to Ms. Steider Wednesday in her class.

Homework - Engage your family in discussions about the life of Vivien Thomas from John Hopkins. You will use this information to develop your three paragraph essay that is due on Wednesday to Ms. Steider. Remember your test is Wednesday in class on the life of Vivien Thomas.

Science History – Film: Something the Lord Made – Title: STLM-Science History

Directions – View the film as you answer the questions on your own notebook paper do not write on this handout.

  1. Where and when does the story begin? ___________________________________________
  2. What animal does the doctor who hires Vivien use for his research? ____________________
  3. What medical condition is Dr. Blalock experimenting on? ____________________________
  4. What happened to Vivien’s money and what historical event is this an allusion to? ________
  5. Where do Dr. Blalock and Vivien move to after finding a new treatment for the condition they were experimenting on? ___________________________________________________
  6. What medical condition does Dr. Tausig suggest Dr. Blalock should try to cure? __________
  7. What medical school do Dr. Blalock and Vivien now work for? _______________________
  8. Why does everyone stare at Vivien as he goes through the hall? _______________________
  9. How long does Dr. Tausig say the Saxon baby has to live? ___________________________
  10. How long have Dr. Blalock and Vivien been together? ______________________________
  11. What does Vivien do to have money taken off of his rent? ____________________________
  12. What does Vivien create for the lab? _____________________________________________
  13. What does Mrs. Blalock do to help the war effort? __________________________________
  14. What does Dr. Longmeyer ask Vivien if he can do? _________________________________
  15. Who comes to visit Vivien? ____________________________________________________
  16. What is Vivien’s job classification? _____________________________________________
  17. What medical procedure do Dr. Blalock and Vivien come up with to fix Blue Baby Syndrome?
  18. What does Dr. Blalock say about Vivien’s work on the sutures? _______________________
  19. Who comes to talk Dr. Blalock out of surgery on the Saxon baby? _____________________
  20. What leads Vivien to realize why Paunches’, the dog, heart gave out? __________________
  21. How many doctors are willing to assist on the Saxon baby surgery? ____________________
  22. Who does Dr. Blalock want in the ER with him during the Saxon baby surgery? __________
  23. Who is left out of the pictures in Life magazine? ___________________________________
  24. How does Vivien respond to Dr. Blalock’s remarks at the banquet? ____________________
  25. What job does Vivien do when he leaves Johns Hopkins? ____________________________

Lang Arts Grade - Write a three paragraph summary detailing the life of Vivien Thomas remember to include his detailed scientific contributions. Share how his accomplishments have transformed the medical field. You will also share how this film has inspired or encouraged you to attain your goals. The essay is due on Wednesday you will turn it in to Ms. Steider.