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Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.

April 28, 2017

6th Grade Science  ESS 1-3 / Homework - Due Monday 5-1-17

Moby Max and Latest Secrets of The Solar System -Doc-V - Full BBC Documentary

Directions- View the video as you take notes. You will write on your quarter sheet the format in which you will share your understandings about the Solar System from the BBC documentary. This is homework and it is due on 5-1-17. If you need to revisit the information do so and engage in dialogue with your family. Imagine your document will be shared with 5th graders to understand interesting facts & understandings about the Solar System. You must draw in the reader, use your SWR (science writing rubric), include pictures or illustrations.

You may select one of the options below:

1-4 must include your understandings, facts, and analysis of the information. Your understandings will include an explanation of 3 key discoveries you made as you viewed. 10 facts will include some bulleted items that are true. Analysis will include a detailed examination of the solar system.

  1. Powerpoint or slides - min12 slides font size 14 or 18 discuss 4 topics / Example Fossil Fuels

  2. Essay - min 4 paragraphs that discuss 4 topics with a topic sentence for each informing the reader of the information that is to come in your paragraph

  3. Comic Strip - min of 20 frames /5 topics

     (frames are a square where you place the illustrations    and dialogue)

4.Poster - min of 6 sections - each section will cover a specific topic of the Solar System with a title and your understandings/facts/analysis. Example: Fossil Fuels