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Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Writing Room 118 - Homework / Title: Fourth Quarter

Room 118 Writing - Title - Fourth Quarter / Due Date 4-21-17

Directions- Write a 4 paragraph summary sharing your detailed plan for the fourth quarter to obtain A’s and B’s. P= paragraph

P1= Share how you study at home for a quiz or test. Share where you study, with whom, and how long. Does your current study procedure equal A’s and B’s. What can you do to improve your current study plan.

P2= How do you manage your time at school to ensure you complete all assignments? How do you remain focused so you are not distracted? What do you do when a peer tries to talk with you? How do you plan to improve your time management for the remainder of the quarter?

P3= Why is it important to strive for excellent grades? How does achieving excellent grades benefit your future? What kinds of grades do you want to earn the fourth quarter? How will you ensure you get those grades?

P4= What will you do over the summer to increase your academic knowledge? How will you make certain that you become smarter each day? What specific things will you do? How will you become a better mathematician? How will you become a better reader and writer? How will you become a better scientist? How will you become a better historian?