Rudyard Kipling Elementary School

Moving Forward

Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Wk 9-26-16 Middle School Homework

6th Grade Homework - Due 9-27-16

- Discuss your lab findings with your family. Share what you found on each culture. Reflect on the following as your answer each question remembering to follow the SWR= Science Writing Rubric. Write your responses in paragraph form. Remember you will present your findings to your class as the Bell Ringer on Tuesday. 

1. How did your prediction of culture two differ from the actual findings?

2. How might you have made improvements to the lab now that you are done?

3. Why was it important to place cultures in different locations?

4. Which culture showed the greatest number of pollutants? Why?

5. How can this information benefit scientist as it relates to air pollutants?


Room 118 6th Grade / You will use your Science Writing Rubric SWR and complete your lab report pages 1 and 2.  Page one is your bell ringer and page two is your data table. Remember to use your science vocabulary, key details, and organize your observations clearly. This is due Tuesday when you enter class. 

Bell Ringer Questions - Follow the rubric:

What do you anticipate will be found on your cultures in relation to their location? How do you think these differences occurred? How can this information benefit scientist as it relates to air pollutants?


7th Grade – Heredity 9-26-16

Discuss with your family the difference between recessive and dominant traits. Share your knowledge about Gregor Mendel. Why is he important to science? Observe the face and hands of your family. How are your physical characteristics the same and different? Orally share your answers with your family.


8th Grade – Elements, Compounds, & Mixtures


Read the power point as you improve your science notes. Remember to share the rubric with your family. Create a chart due Thursday 9-29-16 that explains with examples:

Elements, Compounds, & Mixtures

We will discuss the rubric on Tuesday. You must begin your research this evening do not wait until the last minute.