Rudyard Kipling Elementary School

Moving Forward

Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

6-7-16 Room 101 / 2nd Grade Compass & Technology - Increase math skills.

You are encouraged to strive for 80% or higher as you complete Compass Math and Language Arts. Students will complete activities for both subjects in the lab.

2 Language Arts and 2 Math

A= 4 folders completed no jumping around

B= 3 folders completed no jumping around

C= 2 folders completed no jumping around

D= 1 folder completed no jumping around

F= 0 You did or did not finish folders but you jumped around  

If students are done with great scores they are challenged to complete 2 or 3 additional folders.


Technology Skills- Use the computer to explore math concepts such as grouping, and dividing.  IcL - Math Skills -

Essential Questions:

2nd- Review: Explain to your peer how you would save a Google document? How would you share that document with a classmate? How would you allow a peer to make comments?

Directions- You will log into ixL and complete math assignments. If your answer is incorrect stop, read, and think before you close the window. Each wrong answer will provide an explanation to help you understand the math skill. All students are striving for 80% or better for each assignment. Your best is expected at all times. The skills you may work on today are followed by a letter. Determine which skill you need additional practice and begin with that skill today.

  1. Multiplication = The letter W.

  2. Time    = The letter Q.

  3. Geomentary - The letter T.

  4. Money   = The letter P.