Rudyard Kipling Elementary School

Moving Forward

Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

3rd/4th Letter To Self

Technology Skills- Organize and analyze information.

Letter to Self

The purpose of this assignment is:

1. To provide a record of your life and who you are now

2. To anchor in time your current views, attitudes, philosophy, and outlook

3. To explore your feelings and opinions about a variety of issues

4. To create a document that, years from now, will have significant value to you.


Rubric A – Today 6-14-16 -You must complete 1-8 and write at least 3 paragraphs today before the end of class to obtain an A. Directions- Read all items carefully and complete the following task:

1. Open a Google document titled, “3rd/4th Grade LTS

2. Place all identifiable information in the top left hand corner of your document

3. Read options A-C below select one. This will be your title for the Google document align center, bold print, underlined, font color blue, & font size 18

4. Your letter must be at least 3 paragraphs, five sentences each, and remember to indent. All rules of grammar apply as you type. Begin all sentences with capital letters and end with proper punctuation.

5. Use a different text color for each paragraph. Select 1 text font for the entire document. No cursive fonts. Font size 14.

6. Once you have completed all 3 paragraphs, proofread your document twice, share with a classmate that same student will share with you (can comment), read their comments, & make improvements as you read it again.

7. You may add illustrations from clip art or insert image at your Google document. Do not leave Google doc to find an image you may not go to Google for an image.

8. Share with (can comment)


You will select one of the topics below for this letter.

A. ME, NOW: my hopes, fears, dreams, intentions, goals, problems, concerns, likes, dislikes, joys, frustrations; what I like about myself; what I don’t like about myself; what I’m proud of; what I think about; what bothers me; who I am, etc.

B.  MY WORLD: a description of my home, bedroom, school, neighborhood, town; my favorite places to go; chores, allowance, pet(s), possessions, clothes, religion, current events; FAVORITES – books, music groups, movies, TV, etc.

C. WHAT I DO: my hobbies, pastimes, sports, school activities, what I do with friends, favorite snacks and foods, chores, how I spend my weekends and vacations, special activities I do, organizations I belong to, etc.