Rudyard Kipling Elementary School

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Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.

May 5, 2016 Room 104 / Poetry

Room 104 - 4th     5-5-16  Good Morning, Take your seats in silence, complete your quarter sheet, and place on top of your hard drive.

Technology Skills: Develop strategies for evaluating sources.

Essential Questions-

  1. How can you identify a good resource on the internet?

  2. How does order of the finds from a Google search assist you?

  3. Explain how the tools at have helped you with the Poetry assignment?

  4. Why is it important to carefully think about the information you have been given in the rubric?

  5. How can you evaluate your peers work to assist them in obtaining an A or B?

You will visit links, read, pick a genre of poetry from below, and proceed to engage in self-expression.




1.      Open read carefully once you have read all the information minimize this page do not close this page

2.     Name the Google document “Poetry and your room number”- Example Poetry Room 104

3.     Place all identifiable information vertically in the top left hand corner of your document (name, room number, date, grade, topic/subject & genre). Remember your topic is not your title.

4.     Write a title of your poem based on one of the topics (Fun, Family, or   Friends) Example: My topic is family. I then use that topic to create a title for my genre of poetry. My title is “The Gale Storm”

Place the title in the center of your document, underline, bold print, & font size 18 - Your topic is not your title.  Example-

The Gale Storm

5.             Your poem must be reflective of a 5th grader

6.             Poetry length - 6 or more stanzas if you are doing an Acrostic poem you must use a minimum of 4 words

7.             All rules of grammar apply as you type

8.             Correct all errors

9.             Follow the rules for the genre of poetry you are creating

10.           You will finish this project by 5-11-16.

11.            You will share with a classmate as you both peer edit each other’s work

12.           Do not send me your work until you have peer edited, had a parent/guardian look it over, and you proofread it twice. You and your peer must make comments about the genre of poetry you have selected on each other's document. It is vital to re read the genre of poetry your peer has selected to be certain it was done correctly. You must then carefully look at their document. You will make comments/give suggestions on how they can improve their document. Follow the rubric carefully. You can then add 1 or 2 images that coincide with your genre of poetry after you are done developing your genre of poetry.

13.           Once this project is completed share your form of poetry with me by 5-11-16 can comment