Rudyard Kipling Elementary School

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Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.

5th Grade Room 119 "Black Lives Matter" Week March 11-18, 2016

3-11-16 & 3-18-16

Room 119 5th Grade- Remember this completed assignment is due at the end of the class period. Read the information and place it in your own words. Do not copy paste items from the website to your Google doc to ensure you do not receive and F.

5th Grade / BLM

Technology Skills- Plan and execute strategies to guide research. Students will visit given website as they take notes for future assignment. Students will use typing skills as they read and take notes.

Rubric A= Directions- Follow all directions carefully to ensure a great grade. You will work independently and silently.



  1. Complete the quarter sheet with all identifiable information and place on top of your hard drive.


2. Log into your Google @ CPS and open a blank google document.

3. Name the document.. Rm 119 BLM #3

4. Place all identifiable information in the top left hand corner of your document then press enter.

5. In the center of your document type the title..

         Black Lives Matter Notes using the font (Syncopate), or Comic Sans font size 18, font color black, bold, and underlined.

  6. Explain what you believe is meant by “Black Lives Matter”. Why is this current movement important to the African American community? How does this movement affect your life today and in the future. Do you believe this movement is important? Explain in detail. You will type 2 or 3 paragraphs to answer the items above. 

  7. Split your screen with your google document as you open this will help you take effective notes. Remember to read and place information in your own words if you plagiarize your grade is a F. 

  8. You will read the information at the site click the icon to the right of the page (it looks like 3 vertical bars)  and take notes in your Google document using bullets

9. Take notes for the following topics:

  1. Who We Are

  2. About

  3. Herstory

  4. Guiding Principles

Type each topic above and place your notes underneath using bullets

10. You will share this document with me remember to click the pencil as you select can comment. Students had 2 class periods which totaled 2 hours to complete this assignment. Students have the weekend to finish the assignment and send it to by Monday 11:00 am. No late assignments will be accepted.