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Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Room 119 5th Grade / Shirley Chisholm Notes

Room 119 5th Grade 2-19-16    Shirley Chisholm / Technology Skill- Plan and execute strategies to guide research. Students will use given websites to read, take notes, and reflect on the life of historian Shirley Chisholm.


Rubric A= Directions- Read all the information carefully no questions will be answered until all information is read in its entirety.

  1. You will read the information carefully at the links on this page as you take notes in a Google document.
  2. Log into your CPS gmail account, open a Google doc , name the document Room 119 SC Notes
  3. Take notes as you read the articles using bullet points
  4. Remember notes are short phrases/fragments with important information
  5. Share with …can comment
  6. Share your notes before the end of the period



The links below provide the articles you will read as you take notes that will prepare you for next week’s Black History poster assignment. Read this information and take notes.


Read the information in this link and answer questions 1-2 in complete sentences. Title this portion of your notes ..Questions Answered



View the video links outside of school to give you additional insight into the life and accomplishments of this amazing black woman. A wise student will add notes to their Google document as they view the links. You are a wise student so get to it! Thank you J


Shirley Chisholm Part 1 desktop


Shirley Chisholm: My Bid for Presidency


Shirley Chisholm: Advice to Young African Americans