Rudyard Kipling Elementary School

Moving Forward

Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Room 118 Week 11-7-16 Writing - Science

Writing Homework  number 1 due 11-14-16 & number 2 due 11-10 16- No exceptions

Room 118 - Homework  

1. Complete 2 Moby Max writing workshop assignment due Monday 11-14-16. 

2. Title- Writing –  Science - Second Quarter Reflection / Due 11-10-16


Directions- Write a 4 paragraph essay. All rules of writing apply. Follow the rubric = A.

1.  All rules of writing apply.

2.  You must answer all the questions in each paragraph.

3.  You must check for errors and correct them before turning it in.

4.  You must have a parents’ signature and contact number.

5.  Engage in conversations with your family about your future. Share in your writing what was discussed.


P 1= Write the response to the questions you ask your family. Will you take care of me once I turn 18? Will you buy my clothes? Will you feed me? Will you put money in my pocket? What will I have to do to for you to support me after I graduate from high school?


P 2- Write your plan for high school. Where do you want to attend? What kinds of extracurricular activities will you do? What clubs will you join? Will you have a job? How will you give back to your community?


P 3- Write your plan for after high school. Do you want to go to college? Why? Or Why not? Do you want a job or a career? How are these two different?


P 4 - Write your detail plan to improve your behavior and grades. Share your behavior in Mrs. Gale and Mr. White’s class. How is this behavior different than the behavior you have in Mrs. Harris’ and Ms. Steider class or is it the same? Why is this behavior different? How will you improve your behavior in all your classes? Why is it important to your future to give 100% each day at school?