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Analyzing a Supreme Court Case Project grade 6

Project Grade 6/Analyzing a Supreme Court Case

Due Date: December 5, 2014 at the beginning of class (NO LATE PROJECTS WILL BE ACCEPTED)

Objective: Students will be able to research, write and present a Landmark Supreme Court Case.

Directions:  Choose a Landmark Supreme Court case that involved education.  Using the library and the internet, research the case using the research guide below. Then develop an information poster that summarizes the main points of the case and shows illustrations for further explanation.

Research Guide

   Identify the case by its Court citation (Name v. Name; citation number, and date)

     Summarize the basic facts that originally caused the case to come to court.

    Summarize the position of the petitioner and respondent.

    Summarize the constitutional question being asked.

    Summarize the court’s decision and which citizens’ rights were affected.


Presentation Guide

 Students must show evidence through speech of being knowledgeable of their case.  Is your information correct?  Do you know what you are talking about?

Project must have a visual (information poster) that will contribute to the presentation.  Examples might include a tri-fold displaying your researched information with photos and a timeline.  Be creative and make it efficient and well-organized.  


See  the rubric given to your student.