Rudyard Kipling Elementary School

Kipling Elementary School is a Chicago Public School educating students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Welcome Letter 2019-2020

Dear First Grade Parents,

First let me extend my warmest welcome to you and your first grader.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a successful first grade year for each and every student that walks in room 102.

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!


My name is Kimberly Fisher and I am excited to express to you I will be your child’s first- grade teacher.  While this is my 19th year as a teacher, I’m ecstatic to be entering my 7th year as a teacher at Kipling. I received my undergraduate degree from Grambling State University and my Master’s degree from Chicago State University.  Having said that, I am a highly trained, certified teacher with several endorsements and many talents that I can’t wait to put into action with your student.  Each year I am enthused about the new faces I’ll meet.  

My Philosophy of Education is that each student is unique in his/her own right, and is capable of learning all that is presented before them with the help of a compassionate teacher.  The compassion I speak about drives me to help my students maximize their fullest potential as well as their ability to succeed. My motto of “Bringing Academic Lessons to Life” is what makes students under my instruction excel. 

It’s my pleasure to serve you this year.  I’m looking forward to meeting and working with you throughout this school year. It is imperative that I have a healthy relationship with all of my student’s parents.  I believe if we work together (teacher, parent, and student) hand in hand, “Oh the possibilities we will discover”.  They sky is the limit! Let’s reach it together!

Please read each of the highlighted sections below which contains important information regarding our class. I have a feeling a great year is awaiting us!

Grading Procedures:

During the course of this school year, students will receive grades to measure their academic progress in each subject area. The following categories are the grading requirements for second grade.


·         Summative Assessments (40% of total grade)

·         Class Assignments (35% of total grade)

·         Quizzes (20% of total grade)

·         Homework( 5% of total grade)


Please note grades in each category are essential to determining your student’s final grade. Therefore late/missing assignments will not receive full credit. Students will have three school days (after the initial due date) to complete and submit late/missing assignments. These assignments will not receive full credit.  The grading scale is listed below.


·         A= 100%-90%

·         B=89%- 80%

·         C=79%-70%

·         D=69%-60

·         F=59%-Below



Beginning of Year Assessments:

Please note your student will be engaging in some assessments throughout the first weeks of school. Assessments will be used to gauge where each student should begin their academic journey.




Weekly homework packages will be sent home every Monday. Your student will be asked to return their weekly homework package every Friday.  Homework is designed to reinforce what is taught in class. Homework must be returned on time for full credit. We want our second graders to be conscious of deadlines and learn to meet them in a timely manner.  In addition to completing the daily homework, please allow your student to read aloud to you every day. Record your reading on the attached reading log.  The reading log should be returned once completed. Remember, reading is not optional, it is a part of your daily homework.


School Uniform:

Students are expected to be in the school uniform each day unless otherwise specified.  Uniforms are white blouses/shirts and navy or black pants.


School Supplies:

Please visit the Kipling website at for the complete supply list for your first grader. Thank you in advance for purchasing the items listed.


Personal Items:

Students are not allowed to bring personal items to school. To avoid losing or misplacing items, please leave all toys, games, cell phones, etc. at home.


Class Behavior Expectations:

My first graders are expected to know and apply the “Classroom Code of Conduct” everyday. Students will be reminded of the following throughout the day when necessary.

·         Be polite at all times

·         Work quietly and not disturb others

·         Listen respectfully when others are talking

·         Be friendly to fellow classmates

·         Be honest and trustworthy

·         Respect the teacher and other adults

·         Be prepared for class everyday

·         Arrive to class on time

·         Cooperate with others

·         Always do your best


Students will be able to track their behavior with our in-class behavior chart. Students will also record their daily behavior in their Kipling Agenda Book. Parents are asked to review and initial it every day. 


I am a firm believer of cultivating great behavior.  In order for the students to monitor their behavior, we will utilize a color code behavior chart. Here’s how it works…..

·         Each morning every student’s name is on the color green

·         The goal is to stay on green

·         Green indicates “Good behavior” and means “You’re doing great”

·         If a student forgets to follow a rule he/she will change to yellow

·         Yellow indicates “Warning! Pay more attention to your behavior”

·         If a student continues to forget rules he/she will change to orange

·         Orange means the student will have a consequence such as a time out

·         If a student is told to move his/her card to red, this means “Action taken”                                     

·         Red indicates that more serious measures are needed such as a losing a privilege

·         Students may revisit the color code towards green by changing behavior

This chart is a “hands on” reminder that helps students remain knowledgeable of their behavior.  Please take note of it daily.


Behavior Bank: Good behavior is rewarded in Room 102. Each student has a bank that can be cashed in to redeem a prize from our treasure chest. A total of $5.00 must be earned to shop.  Coins are received by good daily behavior color and random “caught being good” moments throughout our day. What’s your student’s “Behavior Bank” total? Ask them daily to help encourage good behavior.



Specialty Schedule:

Each day the students will partake in a specialty class.  Please be mindful that students are to wear their gym uniform on the scheduled gym days.  The schedule is as follows:

Monday: Gym (PE)

Tuesday: Technology

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Gym (PE)

Friday:  Technology






Class Newsletter:

You will receive a class newsletter monthly. The Purpose of the newsletter is to keep communication open between us.  The Newsletter will include information regarding our class. Please make sure you read it to stay updated on current class happenings.



Remind App:

In addition to monthly newsletter communication, I will utilize the “Remind App” via smartphone. This application is a communication tool used to keep parents and teachers connected.  All you need to do is sign up and you’ll receive reminders right on your smartphone.  Please see the attached “Remind” memo to find out how to get connected.  


Lastly, I would like to remind you to feel free to bring any questions/concerns to my attention. Please indicate that you have read and understand this newsletter by signing and returning the attached form. Again, I look forward to a great school year.


Ms. Fisher